Friday, January 11, 2013

Personal Introduction Letter


Personal introduction letter is one of the most used letters by students and job seekers. This letter contains a full detail of yourself and your academics. Normally this letter is used for introducing oneself. If you are a student and seeking admission in some college or university you have to write about the previous progress of your studies. You also have to mention your fields of interests, hobbies, likes, dislikes, favorite subjects, etc. In addition to these you have to explain about your future plans and the subject you want to continue further. Also you can mention about your family and the education background. Personal Introduction Letter Template is available here for free download in PDF, DOC and JPEG formats for free. The download links are at the end of the post.



My name is YOUR NAME, and I was born on the XXth MONTH YEAR. I cultivate an eagerly desire of knowledge and curiosity. I have currently completed my intermediate and waiting to get admission in a well reputed university, majoring in Mechanical engineering. My secondary education took place in good conditions. As ambitions alone are seldom enough, I dedicated a lot of my time to concentrate on my studies. I studied hard to have good marks, and started to learn English and Sciences. I was a brilliant student from the beginning and due to this fact I am very industrious and hardworking. During my school days I use to participate in all curricular and co-curricular activities. As I entered College for my secondary and higher secondary education I got a lot of opportunities to groom and develop my personality. I made a good use of the facilities being provided by my college. I showed excellent results in both academics and sports along with other co-curricular activities which included different clubs. I have got a very good personality and I have got an excellent commanding ability. I can also handle different situations and can deal with different sort of people. As a result of this GOD gifted ability I was made the ASSISTANT HOUSE PREFECT. Another reason for this was my all-rounded performance. I was also an active participant in HIKING and SCIENCE club. Moreover, I am a good sportsman also. I love to play FOOTBALL. I started playing Football since my childhood and I love this game. I am a very fine player of football and I was the Captain of College football team for the year 2009/2010.

I consider myself an open-minded, curious person who is interested in everything that develops me, both personally and theoretically. I enjoy gaining experiences, especially encountering new cultures and values. I have quite a few interests. To begin with, reading is my favorite. No sooner had we gone to elementary school than my parents asked my brother and I to read books. They not only enriched my life but also enlightened my mind. Besides, I like music very much. I have participated in the college Music Club for past one year. Third, I also enjoy playing ping pong. If I had to describe the individual I am today, those are an outline traits of my personality: I’m an honest person, energetic and passionate. The simple and beautiful things of life are what I enjoy the most: for instance, I’m fond of reading. I like computers world, which I find fascinating. Furthermore, I have a passion for Engineering and I love to do Mechanical.

I belong to a huge family and my father is the sole bread earner of our family. He is a government servant so his monthly income is not enough to fulfill all the requirements of my family. All of my brothers and sisters are currently studying in normal institutes. So it is not possible for my family to pay my university fee. I think I am the most deserving candidate for your scholarship because I have got an excellent academic record as well as I am very good in co-curricular activities. I am very social person and personally I like to meet with people from different parts of the world. So, I’m confident that I can utilize the scholarship in the best possible way and if I am given the opportunity, I will be committed to play my part for the development of my country with this qualification, when I get back with this prestigious gift from you. Hope you will consider my application.


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