Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Photographers Copyright Form


Everyone should be rewarded for his own work and to stop other person from benefiting from your work you have to copyright your product. Photographers Copyright Form Word Template is used for copyrighting your personal photographs. This is an ideal form for copyrighting because it is according to the general format used widely around the globe. Here you have to write the name of Photographer, Client Name, Undertaking, Reason of copyright, Signatures of Both Photographer and Client and Date. This helps in preserving your work and stopping its illegal usage. This Copyright Form can be downloaded in Doc, PDFs and JPEG formats.

Copyright Release Form - For Photos

Photographer:                                                                                                           .
Phone/Email:                                                                                                            .
Client:                                                                                                                      .
Phone/Email:                                                                                                            .

I                                           ,herby grant permission to                                       to use the photos listed below for printing, with no limit to the amount &/or size of prints.

Copyright is released for                                                                                           ,

Photographer’s Signature:                                                   Date:                              .
Client’s Signature:                                                              Date:                              .

Download Photographers Copyright Form image:
Download Photographers Copyright Form Word Template: Download link
Download Photographers Copyright Form PDFs: Download link


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